Daniel Adamczyk

Daniel J. Adamczyk Scholarship

The Daniel J. Adamczyk Memorial Foundation honors the memory of Daniel Adamczyk by providing education about the fatal nature of prescription drug abuse, provides resources to prevent future addictions, and develops outreach programs to help those battling addictions through Danny’s Bags.

In 2022, the foundation is pleased to award four students attending a college or university in the Fall of 2022 a $500 scholarship to help pay for some of the expenses.

This scholarship would be a one-time payment. The requirement to apply for this scholarship is that we ask of you to write a brief essay no longer than 500 words, on what your major is going to be, what that major means to you and how this scholarship will help you with school.

The window for the 2022 scholarship has closed. Please check back Spring 2023 for submission details.